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Controls & Switches

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KBD100 Pelco Economical switcher control keypad

The Pelco KBD100 is designed to control and program Pelco CM6700 and CM6800 switchers and is Pelco's..


KBD200A Pelco Keyboard PTZ Push-button

The Pelco KBD200A is a full functionality controller for use with Pelco matrix switchers, multiplexe..


KBD300USBONLY Pelco USB connector parts only - needs KBD-KIT - USB to serial converter

The KBD300A keyboard is a full-function, desktop keyboard controller that can be used in a variety o..


KBD4002 Pelco Multiplexer Keyboard Controller

The Pelco KBD4002 is a full-function, economical keyboard controller designed for use with Pelco's M..